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Along The Path Of A Dream: Forwards~ With That She Was Gone
Narsha~ <3
Title: Along The Path Of A Dream
: Taecyeon x OC
Romance, Drama
Summary: She left with the intentions of pursuing a dream, a new life. He brought along something that she had never dreamed of ever having.
Not owning anything~

It was pitch black everywhere and the silence was nearly deafening. She could barley hear the sounds of her shoes hitting the pavement with every quickened step as the sound was nearly drowned out by the loud beating of her heart. Adrenaline rushed through her veins as she ran faster and faster. At this point, she was extremely thankful that the suitcase she had used for her belongings was extremely easy to pull along.

She finally found herself out of the darkness of the path and onto the main road. There were very few cars driving along at this time of night. All she could hope for was for a taxi or a bus to stop by and pick her and take her away to the airport. After 15 minutes of walking along the main road watching out for any potential rides that drove along she saw a taxi lazily driving along. Out of desperation, she thrust her hand out and started waving it down vigorously. It was just her luck that the taxi driver had seen her signal and stopped a few feet in front of her.

After loading her suitcase into the trunk, she made her way into the backseat of the taxi.

“Airport please” she had said to the driver.

“No problem”

Streetlights flashed rapidly in front of her eyes. With every second she was getting farther away from the place that suffocated her and closer to her uncertain dream. She was willing to take the risk and big step nonetheless.

Nearly forty-five minutes later they had reached a near complete stop. There was an endless trail of buses and taxis showing no sign of speeding up anytime soon.

“I think there might be an accident or some really bad construction ahead blocking the roads like this.” the driver had informed her.

“It’s okay just let me out over here.”

“Are you sure?”


When she had gotten out her wallet and payed the fare, she exited the taxi and got her suitcase out of the trunk.

The road she was on was vaguely familiar. From what she remembered, she was about 10 minutes away from the airport by foot.

The moon and the few stars that managed to shine through the city haze previously lit up the sky. Ashen clouds had moved in rapidly and everything had darkened. The air was humid and held a scent that signaled the coming of rainfall.

Sooner than she realized it, rain started to descend rapidly from the sky. She quickened her pace and tried her best to not bump into anyone on the streets. She had forgotten that there was a concert hall in the area, so the sidewalk was full of night dwellers and some others who had decided to catch a late show.

She held no umbrella as the rain pounded all around her. It soaked her to the bone. She adjusted the beret a top of her head and brushed her damp bangs to the side of her face. Shivering, she took in a deep breath and closed her eyes. This was it.

With a few steps forward she was swallowed into the crowd.

And with that, she was gone.

Notes: This is my first fan fiction with these types of characters XD This fan fiction was previous posted directly on inorae but I decided to make a journal for my work (writing, graphics etc..) and have a direct link linking to here (if that makes sense XD) Thank you to whoever is reading and I hope you enjoy ^_^ Comments and criticisms are appreciated~ Thanks to acoffeeprincess and to paradisified for commenting before ^_^ I really appreciated it <3


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